Voice Liberation

Voice Liberation

Your, authentic voice.
How do you use your voice?

“Your voice, the mirror of the soul”

If you’d listen to the voice, you can directly reflect how you are doing and how you feel. The voice is directly connected to your breathing. If you sit high in your breathing, you will also squeeze a little more around your throat area. If you are soft and relaxed, you will hear this in the use of your voice.

What would it be like if you spoke your truth completely?
If you’d feel completely empowered? If you’d dare to express yourself with love and a deep connection with yourself?
Where you feel connected to your authentic self and where you can let go of the fear of what others think of you?
What would it be like if you can show yourself from this connection with your gut feeling, with your core?
And to give expression to everything that lives and moves through you?

We often carry a lot of blockages on our throat area. The throat chakra, which is directly connected to our heart. Our throat chakra also works energetically together with our sacral chakra, where creation and creativity were born.

“Can you express your creative power?”

Free yourself by opening your voice and releasing the blockages around your throat area.

This is possible in one of the group sessions and workshops I facilitate, and you can also book a private session with me. Together we will investigate what and where you experience your blockages.
This can be felt physically. It can also be beliefs that are holding you back.

During a session I create a safe space in which you can open yourself. In your own authentic way and pace.

Check the calendar for the upcoming voice liberation workshops.
For private sessions, please fill in the form on the contact page.