Cacao ceremonies


We drink cocao in a ceremony as a heart opener, where we melt the protection mechanisms around the heart. Let the Spirit of Cocao help you to open your heart.

In a Ceremony I will guide you into a moment of silence and awareness to let you connect with your inner being. We will place an intention, to guide you through the Ceremony.

“Cocao: the liquid of the Gods”

Cocaa contains many minerals and antioxidants that’ll support you to purify your state of being, your mind and soul.
The cocao we use is fair-trade and harvested by beautiful families, where we choose farmers who treat the land, nature and each other well.

The cocao I currently use is from Sayahuana.

The energy of the cocao will be purer if the process of how it is harvested is fair. By the beautiful souls: the people who deserve a nice way of living.

Cocao is a 100% natural product.

Because the cocao is a heart opener, it is very nice to work with this powerful plant during an event. Think of a mantra circle or voice liberation workshop. The energy becomes more sensitive, and it supports you to open yourself more easily to emotions that want to flow through you.