Without the breath, you would not exist.

By observing the breath you can gain many insights into where you’re at in life. Also, in addition to the voice and the practice of yoga, the breath is a mirror. How you think and how you feel affects the physical body. Breathing is the bridge between our body and mind.

Can you embrace and allow life to get into your body? Do you fully allow your body to breathe deeply? Or do you tend to want to hold on?

We often retain a lot of tension in our body, and this can have various causes. For example, think of a shock reaction, after which you hold your breath for a short moment. The body will respond to this. We need to release to let go of the tension in our bodies.

Rebirthing Breathwork

With Rebirthing Breathwork you’ll make a journey in and with your body. It will give you a lot of energy because you’re receiving much oxygen (prana) in a short time, and you remove a lot of toxins from the body.

You connect with yourself on a deeper level and it literally gives you more space. It can also remove blockages, mentally and emotionally. It’s also possible that deep insights arise in your journey that can help you further on your life journey.

During a breathwork workshop we will start with a short sharing circle. Then we guide you in a meditation and we start breathing, followed by a long final relaxation. For upcoming groupsessions, check the agenda. We also often breath during our retreats. For more information or a private session, please fill in the form on the contact page.