“Every time when Kelsey starts to sing, I experience I instantly get touched … A deep Recognition.
The healing sounds of her voice touches your Soul, where emotions that you we’re not even aware off, can reveal themselves.

Her pure energy and soft yet powerful voice touches you and bring you to the purest state of BEING.

In the stories she tells with her songs, you will find recognition. There is an equal and open space where you can find yourself in a sense of coming Home.

It is so wonderful to experience how Kelsey translates the processes of life into her self-written music. It is so tangible that these are her own lessons learned that are recognizable for everyone”.


“I am so grateful for my path, for my heart and soul. I feel so grateful that I remember what I’ve got to do, here on Earth.
… And that is Making Music, my voice wants to be heard and my Soul wants to sing! This is my greatest passion.

I invite you to let the music flow through you too.
Where hearts will be opened trough music and sound.

I feel deeply grateful that I can touch you with my soul. That you allow yourself to be touched by what moves through me. Through this, I feel connection and experience unity. Through the interaction of giving and receiving we feel our inner fire burn even more.  I look forward to sharing my passion with you.

Music from heart to heart.
In a pure state of being.

Feel, connect and experience…
The voice, so pure.

The lyrics in the music are coming straight from the source. There, where I don’t ‘do’ anything, but just let it flow through me. Where the energy is working its way through, and all emotions flow naturally. Where my instruments translate what lives inside of me.”


I believe and trust in the healing power of music. Music and words can touch you. They can make you remember who you essentially are. When you are touched by music, and emotions start to flow, the blockages are lifted. Stored emotions that can be stuck in your body, come into motion again, in motion.

Feel welcome during this interactive Healing concert. Where we:

– Will be together
– Meditate
– Feel
– Connect
– Receive
– Receive
– Drink cacao
– Sing
– Be quiet
– ARE pure presence

Are you willing to taste, feel and experience the magic? For inquiries and bookings please send an email to [email protected] or fill in the form on my contact page.