You may be wondering, what is sound healing actually? I believe in the healing power of sound. My intention with sound is to touch people with the instruments and the voice. To make them reconnect with their true essence. An intention of you during a session could be that you get a better understanding of yourself through insights that you gain during your inner journey.

Your goal can be to remove physical and/or emotional blockages, to learn to enjoy (more) and/or to experience (deep) relaxation. Sound healing supports this.


During a sound bath/sound journey I take you to a deep state of relaxation. The strong vibrations of the instruments move deep into the cells of your body. The vibrations can remove the energy from a blockage in the body. I use many different beautiful instruments that I’ve collected over the years. Think about (crystal) singing bowls, the guitar, wind chimes, the handpan, flutes, didgeridoo, rattles and shamanic drums, that take you on a journey inside yourself. This can release emotions or might give you visualisations. Allow yourself to accept everything that wants to flow through you. When you give space to the process, you’ll find yourself in balance more easy.

When you turn your intention and awareness inside and you surrender to the sounds, you can enter a state of deep relaxation. From this state of “Being” your body and mind will recover.

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Sound journeys in group sessions

Look for the current range of sound trips in the agenda. During the sound journeys you have your own intention. In addition, I may plan a sound journey with a specific theme.

The following topics are covered, among others:

  • Inner Child
  • Letting go
  • Chakra activation
  • Gratitude
  • Freedom
  • Surrender
  • Love
  • Seasons
  • Nature
  • Total relaxation
  • Many more beautiful themes

During a session, the above-mentioned instruments are used, allowing you to enter a deep state of relaxation. Will you also travel with us?

Check the calendar for upcoming sessions and other events.


  • Do you feel that you want to delve a little deeper into a theme that is playing for you at that moment? Then you can also book a private session with me. In addition to a coaching conversation, I will take you on a sound journey to integrate your insights more deeply.
  • We can check in together and see what needs attention at that moment. We can also combine it with breathwork, meditation, yoga exercises, etc.