Mantra singing circles


Let’s connect with the power of sound! One way to do so is to chant mantras.
A mantra is a word of a sentence which means in Sanskrit. In the old Indian language, Sanskrit, we call a prayer a Mantra. You can meditate on this. It’s a way to calm your mind. You can also sing mantras.

We often wear a lot of blockages around our throat area. The throat area is connected to the heart area. So it’s possible that when I ask you to sing along, you immediately get a pinching feeling around your throat. Or you might get thoughts and beliefs like: “Yes, but I can’t sing anyway!” etc. The beautiful thing is; it’s not about How you sing. It is mainly a way to express yourself. Let your voice be heard, give sound to how you feel and let your soul speak through the voice.


– Connection with yourself and others, by singing together in a group

– Open yourself, dare to open up and show yourself

– Open the throat area

– Open yourself, dare to open up and show yourself

– Gain confidence, express yourself

– Let the energy flow. The vibrations of the mantras and the vibrations of the voice can remove blockages in your body

There are different types of mantras in many different languages. Each mantra carries its own energy. Here again it is most important what intention you have while you are singing.

Let’s come together and liberate and amplify our voices, in harmony.

Look for the upcoming mantra circle in the calendar.

You’d like to organize a mantra circle together? For inquiries and bookings please send an email to [email protected] or fill in the form on my contact page.